The Vintage Triumph Register National Convention was held in Princeton, NJ on August 16th thru 19th. The Triumph GT6 was the featured marque this year at VTR 2017 and many lined the street as part of the 172 cars registered this year for this multi-day event. There were 75 cars that were in the Concours portion of this national show.

Over forty Triumphs drove nearly an hour on the breakfast run. We did spot Sue Wolf taking shelter with an umbrella when Mike Wolf stopped at traffic lights in their ‘57 TR3! Jonathan Bonds and Mike Wolf use GPS to navigate their way home?

Sherri and Dan Tinsman getting ready to roll out on a self-guided Fun Run in their GT6 and Robin Anspaugh worked long hours to keep the registration moving smoothly.

Harry Hurst, former Communications Director of the Simeone Museum, was nice enough to come out of retirement and give a very passionate tour of the museum and talk about the astounding collection of automobiles. Thank you Harry!  And just to set the record straight.... You are correct, sir! Jaguar was the first marque to introduce disc brakes on their racing cars and Triumph was the first to introduce them on a mass produced sports car!

Bob and Marsha Hunter drove their Special Edition 1980 TR7 to the VTR from North Kingston, RI and they won a Second Place in Participants Choice.

Mike Engard congratulates Robin and Alan Anspaugh for winning First in Class and Best of Show at the 2017 Vintage Triumph Register Concours in Princeton, NJ. This is the first time a Triumph Italia 2000 GT has won Best of Show during the 42-year history of National VTR Conventions!  This car has won almost every event it has been entered in since the spring of 2015 at the Amelia Island Concours. C’mon guys! Isn’t it time to start driving that car?

VTR 2017 was a great event put together through the efforts of volunteers from the Delaware Valley Triumphs and the New Jersey Triumph Association. Thanks!