Three weeks earlier than in previous years, the 2017 Pennsylvania America’s British Reliability Run was set to start off on an unseasonably, politically incorrect “Indian Summer” morning. Thanks to the humidity of Hurricane Jose, with temperatures forecast in the mid-80s, and maybe even in the 90s on Sunday, the first day of fall! The usual “layering” of driving clothes would not be happening in 2017.

32 cars were set to leave from Quakertown, PA. This was less than the 40 cars in 2016, due to the start-up ABRR’s in New Hampshire, and Virginia/DC, which participants previously with us, chose to run in 2017. There was also an ABRR drive in Colorado this year. Pennsylvania was still the largest ABRR group for 2017.

Pete Cosmides of “Motorcar Garage” decided to do all three ABRR drives….in three different cars! Pete was also a generous sponsor, providing ABRR baseball caps for all three East Coast drives.

As we gathered, I noticed twelve Triumphs in our Pennsylvania group. A TR8, GT6, Sport 6, four TR6s, and five Spitfires!

Colorado’s 15 cars had five Triumphs with their group, three TR6s, a TR3, and a TR4; DC/Virginia’s 23 cars had only two Triumphs, a TR4 and TR6. New Hampshire’s 21 cars had four Triumphs, two Spitfires, a TR6, and a TR250.

Delaware Valley Triumph members making the drive were:

Jeff Bowden, Ted Campbell, Bob De Lucia, Ian Fuqueron, Pat Heron, Dave Hutchison, Dave Kane, Melody and Larry Laurel, Bill Murphy, Clive and Maggie Thornes.

Members, read the full event report in the Trundlin' Triumphs Newsletter.